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Appointment book management

1. the clinicians who see the most patients generate the lowest profitability 2. the clinicians who see the fewest patients generate the highest profitability 3. the Pankey “corridor of profitability” proposes that the clinicians who deliver 24-27 hours per week are the most profitable – more hours than 27 and profits decline 4. the mantra “fill the book” leads to the lowest profits 5. if there is a gap in the book – contrary to belief – we are not all going to die 6. if a clinician has their head around a day of complex treatment – one 15-minute “pain appointment” or “emergency” is guaranteed to fry the clinicians brains, make them irritable, reduce their effectiveness and have them run late most of the day 7. see fewer people, deliver your dentistry more slowly, charge higher prices 8. triage all phone calls to the appropriate clinician’s appointment book 9. make part of the patient journey an explanation of how and why you triage treatment 10. communicate – daily huddles and well rehearsed language for the Front Desk team as to how to deral with every situation – so as to maximise profits, maintain good customer service and protect your top clinicians (so that they can do their best work)

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