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Apple customer service

The Macbook Pro is back from Apple ER and, courtesy of Jon Barrow, fully restored. I’ll be investing some time over the next 10 days in restoring some of the apps that didn’t make the journey, creating a new back-up on Time Capsule and having a good old tidy of the hard drive. The customer service experience at the Apple Store in the Trafford Centre was outstanding:

  1. they provided a 500Gb ‘My Passport’ hard drive (normal price £89.95) free of charge

  2. they backed-up my existing hard drive onto the Passport

  3. they repaired my hard drive

  4. they returned the Macbook pro and the ‘My Passport’ so that JB could then restore the files

Invoice reads £0.00. I am amazed and delighted as the Macbook Pro is 2 years out of warranty. Apple have an ambassador and a friend for life. How many organisations do you know that would do the same? Dyson? Any others?

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