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An Invitation - to another year

One of the benefits of keeping an online personal journal is the ability to occasionally look back and reflect upon how things have changed (or stayed the same) in the time we have taken to circle the sun.

A year ago I was hosting Sarah Buxton on our lunchtime Facebook Live broadcast and we were answering your questions on how to un-furlough.

A year ago the FGDP released their SOPs and we had some foundation on which to plan your return to work.

A year ago lockdown 1.0 was coming to an end for dentistry and spreadsheets were in creation, to look at how time and people could be deployed in order to provide care, catch up with backlogs, hit targets and restore profitability.

In that year we have developed new expertise, systems, protocols and workflows.

Read the full article in our June newsletter HERE.

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