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All in a day's work

Sometimes, first thing in the morning, I look back on my previous day's calendar and reflect on the conversations that took place. This was yesterday.

How should I approach the rest of this year?

There are 91 days left until the end of the year and I mentioned in yesterday's "5 a day" video blog how important it is to:

  1. Book some time OFF before the year end (not just Christmas and New Year);

  2. Book the time you need to work ON your business;

  3. Zone the time you have to work IN your business, so that you have the time to deliver higher value treatment;

  4. Set some general goals for your personal and professional life;

  5. Share those goals with a coach, mentor or colleague and ask them to hold you accountable.

All of this in spite of the uncertainties that surround us.

How do I deal with an associate who upsets the team?

To quote my friend Mark Topley:

"Leadership is what happens when you create environments in which people are inspired to do their best work."

The key word here is INSPIRATION and not intimidation.

Shouting at people isn't inspiration, neither is humiliating them - it speaks of emotional immaturity and lack of self-confidence on the part of the persecutor.

How do you inspire people around you?

It can be by:

  • Becoming the example of the standards of performance and behaviour that you expect from your team;

  • Trusting people to do their best and respectfully helping them when they can improve.

How do I get over my imposter syndrome?

We all suffer from bouts of imposter syndrome, no matter how experienced. My last attack was Thursday last week.

When it happens to you:

  • Write a list of the 10 reasons why you should be self-confident;

  • Ask your coach, mentor and team members to write the same list - why they think you are good at what you do.

How do I write a blog?

  1. Decide who your audience are;

  2. Decide what outcome you desire from blogging;

  3. Keep it to 250 words;

  4. Don't just write about what you know - write about what fascinates you;

  5. Each time you sit down to write, ask yourself "What happened to me yesterday (or last week, last month), personal or professional. good or bad, that's of any use to pass on to other people";

  6. Use the mantra "free, free, free, free - fee" - supply lots of good quality free advice and, occasionally, drop in a sales offer.

I'm just about to buy a practice - how can you help?

First things first - send me the numbers and I'll tell you if the price is right.

That said, I'll help you build your team, your marketing systems, your patient journey and your own confidence.

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