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All about the patient experience (with passing reference to the game of chess)

chess game

Here’s what dentistry 2016 looks like through the eyes of the patient:

The beginning game:

  1. I decide it’s time to do something about my teeth because a trigger event has taken place in my life or is confirmed for the near future

  2. I hear about your dental practice (or your dentist) from a trusted friend

  3. I search for your web site on Google (organic) or

  4. I connect with your practice via a friend’s social media channel

  5. I visit your web site

  6. I read your online reviews

  7. I download your free guide in return for my email address and my consent for you to send me a newsletter

  8. I follow your social media posts

  9. I read your newsletters

  10. until I’m ready…..

The middle game:

  1. I contact you via the web, telephone or personal visit

  2. I attend an initial assessment and/or consult

  3. You listen

  4. You present your treatment plan

  5. I decide to proceed when all of my questions have been answered satisfactorily and I trust, respect and like you

The end game:

  1. You deliver a first class clinical outcome and customer service experience

  2. I’m so pleased that I’m happy to comply with your requests

  3. for online reviews

  4. for recommendations

  5. for a written or video testimonial

  6. to join your membership plan

  7. I tell a trusted friend about your dental practice (or your dentist)

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