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Air South West respond!

Here’s the email I received on 1st October:

Dear Mr Barrow Thank you for your email regarding the disruption to the service from Newquay to Leeds. Firstly may we extend sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused. The operating aircraft had been having routine maintenance overnight and it was fully expected to operate the service from Newquay on 27 September. However, this was not the case on its final checks as the engineers were not totally satisfied and the aircraft was duly taken out of service until further investigations were carried out. In such cases we offer passengers the options to travel on the next available flight, a full refund and for passengers to make their own arrangements or for those passengers who needed to continue, the most suitable road transport would always be provided. We are disappointed to learn that you felt these options were not well communicated by our handling agents but each passenger wishes may differ and until they establish what is their preference it can appear slightly unorganised. We hope this experience will not deter you from using the service in the future when we may be afforded a further opportunity to welcome you onboard. Yours sincerely Lyn Jones Customer Relations

That’s it. I’m sure Lyn is doing her job – and doing it well. Do I feel heard? Nope. Do I feel as if they care? Nope. I’ve written to Andy North in Derbyshire to try and persuade him to take his 26 team members on a BMI Baby flight to Newquay – if you read his comment on my previous blog post you will know what I mean. Air South West – you just don’t get customer service do you? Here’s what another client – Gren Moore in Newcastle, wrote to me about customer service this morning:

I’ve been enjoying your blog, esp regarding Air South West. I have to say that since I signed up for this, I am hyper-tuned to customer service. Benfield Alfa Romeo in Newcastle provide a bit of a shock last week- when I first dealt with them shortly after buying a Brera in May, they were utterly incompetent in every area- only when I went to the top did things get sorted. But I was assured things were changing – they have! Rear bumper needs replacing thanks to dickhead in BMW on his mobile phone! When I dropped off the car, staff all smiley and helpful now. Better still, how’s this for a CNE – courtesy car radio was tuned to the one I’d been listening to – all the presets were the same as I had tuned on the Brera. Coincidence maybe? So I asked the guy there – apparently Alfa UK is really pushing for improved customer care and this is one of their ideas. (Sorry – got totally sidetracked, but thought you might appreciate this one!)

See what I mean ASW? That’s customer service. Oh – what’s the point……..talking to myself…….musn’t grumble.

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