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A touch of overwhelm

Morning all Arrived back in Falmouth last night at 10.45pm after a 5.5 hour drive from Doncaster. Fantastic days with clients in Newcastle and Doncaster. This morning I’m typically trashed (the driving at night kills me) and all set to write an ezine BUT: There are 77 emails this morning to add to the 20 or so I didn’t get to yesterday. So the dilemma is: 1. Write the ezine or 2. Catch up with emails before I attend my own management meeting and I meet with clients for dinner tonight and a full day of coaching tomorrow. My heart says that I have to address the client/team emails so that I don’t arrive at the weekend with a back-log. My head says get the ezine out because you haven’t written one for over 10 days. Maybe we are reaching a point where I have to delegate the construction of the ezine? Maybe send individual snippets of content as they arise — and write a personal reflections once a week — then have a team member who collates, constructs and passes to Kim Black for issue? I’m running out of time!! Thoughts?

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