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A Thursday riff on the relentless pursuit of excellence

Today Edinburgh in the morning, Glasgow in the afternoon and home late tonight.

Tomorrow a Bunker Day and, as well as some client calls, a huge effort to clear my task list before close of play.

This weekend we reach the half-way point in the calendar year.

I’m off to Greece early Saturday for our annual vacation on Ithaca and I intend to get “off the grid” for a couple of weeks.

I’ll be taking my third quarter copy of Michael Hyatt’s “Full Focus Planner” and investing some time reviewing what I’ve achieved in Q2 and in thinking about my goals for Q3 and the rest of 2019.

There are three “R” words that spring to mind.

The first two are the rest and recreation that we all need to re-charge our batteries and re-connect with loved ones and with ourselves.

The third is relentless – a word I’ve used in conversation many times in the past few days.

Marketing is relentless.

Delivering a superb patient experience is relentless.

Hitting sales targets is relentless.

Keeping a watchful eye on cash flow and profitability is relentless.

Creating an environment in which team members become self-motivated is relentless.

Day to day clinical excellence is relentless.

Planning ahead is relentless.

Admin is relentless.

You can only sustain relentless if three conditions are fulfilled:

  1. You love what you do;

  2. You love when you do it;

  3. You love the people that you do it with.

As defined in the wonderful 1994 book “True Success” by philosopher Tom Morris.

The secret of True Success is that, when the three conditions are fulfilled, relentless becomes effortless.

To steal a cliche – True Success isn’t the destination, it’s the journey.

Are you on that journey?

If “yes” – congratulations – go out there today and be brilliant.

If “no” – stop what you are doing and go and design a life that you can love.

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