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A third successful webinar

Day three of “Funnels, Pies and Schools – the three building blocks of a successful coaching practice” was completed yesterday. We welcomed our largest audience yet, over 20 people, to an day that had always promised “overwhelm” with the quantity of information that I wanted to share with the delegates. The training in my core programme, “The Dental Business School” is delivered in 4 full-day workshops – one per quarter – over a calendar year. I decided to deliver the Powerpoint slides, workbooks and assessment forms for each of the 4 days – in 90-minute sessions. The objective was to give my delegates a sense of the material we deliver in the “8 key strategies”, a description of what goes on in the workshop rooms and a host of tips as to what works and does not work, based upon my 20 years + of delivering presentations. Unlike the first two webinar days, there was little conversation on the call, as I hurtled through the content and break-neck speed, pausing occasionally to request feedback and answer specific queries – although there was a healthy dialogue on the “IM chat” part of the webinar screen. By 11.00pm last night (UK) I had all but lost my voice. I wouldn’t want to facilitate days like this all the time – but did feel a great sense of achievement at the conclusion. So we have now delivered our first 3-day event by webinar – and I’ll be asking Team CB to convert this into a passive revenue product over the weeks ahead. We also have plans to repeat the event – possibly in European time and Australian time, over the months ahead. I may have discovered a way to coach globally without becoming more of a road warrior. Thanks, as always, to Kimberly Black for her role as back-stage technical wizard – and to Jen Haver for all the work she did in client relationships, managing the flow of information to our delegates before, during and after each day.

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