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A new day

Sat in a coffee shop waiting to visit a practice for the first time. I’ve read the history of the principal, analysed the accounts, reviewed all the literature and glanced around the web site. In a few minutes I’ll walk through the door and assess the environment and the people. Then we will begin the process of helping the owner to achieve his stated objectives – he writes: “I have been working hard at the coal face since I graduated. I would love to build up the practice and allow myself a little time to spend planning cases and running the business instead of running around trying to everything. I would like to manage a bit more. I would like more referrals to bigger cases and reduce the standard “drill and fill” work whilst utilising the skills I have learned on courses. I would like to totally modernise the practice (starting with my surgery). I would like the Facial Aesthetics to be more productive and my wife to be seeing more patients more often. Personally – I would like someone to earn money for ME for a change. I want more money to help me pay the school fees, to buy a bigger house and a new car.” And so it begins…..

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