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A new and free resource on the Coach Barrow web site

In recent weeks I have rediscovered an enthusiasm that dates back to the 1980’s – for creating what used to be called “sales aids” and are now generally referred to as infographics.

Call me old fashioned but there is something satisfying about taking a complex idea and using one side of A4 paper to bring that idea to life visually, so that the reader “gets it” in a heartbeat.

The first of these was an attempt to crystallise my thinking on Low Cost Marketing in the digital economy and has proved very popular.

That had me reviving some material from a few years ago, opening the archive on content from the early years of The Dental Business School and also considering some new concepts in this ever-changing world.

Watching House of Cards on Netflix reminded me that we do like our instant releases nowadays, so that we can watch when it suits us – so, in the tradition of Frank Underwood’s nefarious adventures, I’m releasing all of the current Coach Barrow infographics today – free of charge – on a new web site page that you can access:

I’m not asking for newsletter sign ups or any other information – you can just go ahead and download these PDF’s and use them to remind yourself and the team of important principles.

My intention is to create more (there are two works in progress right now) and, as new infographics become available I will let you know.

Constructive feedback and questions are welcome via email to


p.s. if you are not already signed up to my monthly email newsletter, you can so do at the foot of that web page and receive a free e-book on Human Interest Marketing – entirely optional.

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