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a blog by Chris Barrow

A little bit of Extreme housekeeping (a 30-second read to update you on what we are doing back-stage

We launched The Extreme Business Club (our online training platform) on 1st April 2019 and, after three months over 100 people are enjoying access to our tutorials, interviews and webinars, as well as full-scale courses on marketing and financial management.

Feedback from the members is that their user-experience is very positive – clear layout, easy to navigate and lots of useful information – at a “no-brainer” price.

We have also realised from their feedback that the resources are being used to train (and refresh) existing managers and team members.

So – after just 11 weeks we have decided on a subtle name change:

  1. Previously – The Extreme Business Club;

  2. Now – The Extreme Business Academy.

Same place – different name. To that end, we have created a dedicated Facebook Business Page that you can join HERE to get advanced notice of new courses as they are published and review our catalogue.

Allow me also a moment to mention (again) that the new Extreme Business web site is now live and you can visit HERE.


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