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A.I. in dentistry - and my 80/20 rule

For reasons I'm not entirely sure of:

  • I've recently been commissioned by Dental Tribune to write an article on "The Future of AI in Dentistry" (out soon);

  • I'm on a speaker panel for Practice Plan at The Dentistry Show (15:15 Saturday) with Kiroku CEO Hannah Burrow and Dentinal Tubules founder Dhru Shah - on exactly the same subject.

My ever-present Imposter Syndrome is asking "why me?"

When I write the psychologist's suggested list of "10 reasons that The Chimp is wrong" it looks like this:

  1. You have enough reach to have your finger on the pulse of dentistry;

  2. You have always gravitated towards innovation on The Adoption Cycle;

  3. You are pretty tech-savvy for an old guy 🙄

  4. You have hosted the Align Technology Digital Excellence webinar series for the last 3.5 years;

  5. You observe and listen well;

  6. You have opinions and are never afraid of sharing them (Mr. Marmite);

  7. You have had the blessing of working with some of the best in breed in global digital dentistry;

  8. You are a critical thinker;

  9. You read a lot;

  10. You are available and free!

Spoiler alert - I'm going to apply an 80/20 rule on Saturday:

  • 80% of me thinks that AI in dentistry is both inevitable and fantastic;

  • 20% of me thinks that AI in dentistry is both inevitable and dangerous.

At the Practice Plan "Future Focus" sessions, I'll be sharing with the audience my hopes - and fears.

The hopes are exciting but the fears could land you in serious trouble.

See you there.

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