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A great day in Birmingham

What a fantastic practice visit yesterday. I’ll keep the identity of the client confidential but I have rarely enjoyed meeting a new principal and his team so much. The owner has single-handedly built a 2m pound dental practice, forged with his own hard work, his vision, his sheer determination and the creation of an excellent senior management team. The business has reached its full potential, has plateaued and he wanted my perspective to lift the vision to a higher level. My excitement was in recognising that there was plenty of scope for growth and improvement. We discussed: 1. an extensive refurbishment of the building exterior; 2. an even more extensive interior refurb; 3. a gigantic makeover of their corporate image, literature, web site and marketing; 4. a firming up of their patient journey systems 5. the development of better selling skills in his clinical team and didn’t even get around to discussing some long overdue price increases. I genuinely believe that, if we work together, we can improve profits and working conditions significantly – and yet this guy is already successful. In the afternoon I presented on “Patient Journey” to his team of over 50 clinicians and staff. We covered ground that is familiar to me but the level of interaction and humour made the hours flash by. One of those days when I truly love what I do in my professional life and know that I’m the best business coach in Britain today.

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