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A Friday riff from Leeds

The North of England Dentistry Show

I'll be speaking very early and hosting one of the business hubs at The North of England Dentistry Show tomorrow (Saturday) in Manchester.

Top 10 habits of Champions League Dental Practices at 09:20 (that'll be me and the cleaner) but hosting a great lineup of speakers for the rest of the day.

I'm always available for a chat at the back of the theatre whilst the speakers are presenting, so if you would find a quick conversation on any subject helpful - I'm available! No appointment necessary - just pop over.

The Covid-19 Inquiry Dental Alliance

Last night on the Business Confidence Forum, Sarah Buxton announced this unique and amazing initiative by FTA Law - setting up a forum in which every member of the dental profession can have a voice at the forthcoming Covid-19 public inquiry.

The website and Facebook Page were launched yesterday evening and are both a work in progress but I support this 100%.

If you would like your voice to be heard (and/or the voice of people in your job role), there are two important actions for you this morning:

  1. Subscribe to receive updates at

  2. Follow the facebook Page at

My prediction is that this will become a major talking point in dentistry this year - don't miss the boat.


I continue to be delighted by the "spirit of community" in our Extreme Business 100 workshops.

Yesterday was workshop #11 so far this year - around 50 owners, managers and TCOs in the wonderful Horizons conference centre in Leeds, working on their leadership skills.

Once more, the buzz in the room is palpable.

I've never enjoyed presenting so much and seeing people fall back in love with the business of dentistry after two years of firefighting.

Inflation and Pay

The run rate of inflation rises.

The USA now has it's highest inflation rate for 40 years. The UK will follow suit.

I don't need to tell you about the national conversation on prices.

The pay for team members is going up.

Last week we saw the £25k sign on fee for associates.

This week a client reported to me the £58 an hour dental therapist.

Last night on the Forum one of our new panelists argued (once more) in favour of the £15 an hour dental nurse.

You had little warning about Covid and yet you were resilient and agile.

You are getting plenty of warning about the challenges of inflation and pay.

Think carefully about prices, pay and your marketing plan as consumer confidence declines.

But most of all .......

Have a good weekend.

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