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A busy and exciting week comes to close

I just want to say how much I’ve enjoyed this week professionally. Its been physically demanding with lots to do and two late nights on call-in and bridge duty – but this is one of those weeks where I think Team CB and suppliers have all performed out of sight and I thank you for that. We’ll be making another, big innovative splash with the world’s first global practice management Webinar conference for coaches next week, I’m thrilled with how the April Dental Business School workshops are looking, Barbara has done a miraculous job with the UK finances and I think we truly live in a world of appreciation from our clients. I know Jen feels bad about current client numbers in the Coaching Business School (we/she definitely should not and I’ve told her so) but I know we are going to fix that short-term with the webinars, medium term with some extra CBS clients in Canada and the UK and long-term with USA, Europe, Australia and all the other stuff that’s going on. Also that Jen is an essential part of my plans going forward and, like Barbara, the clients adore her and keep telling me so. Add to that the work being done on the On-line Business School by Guy Levine, Kim Black, Kerri Martin and Team CB – its all very exciting and I’m excited by it!

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