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I think it’s Friday anyway, having reached the stage that when the alarm clock sounds I wake in the dark and cannot remember which hotel room I’m staying in. It’s rather ironic to be staggering out of my room to present a workshop on time management and “work/life balance”! Suppose I have a good excuse, what with professional opportunity and personal circumstances. The last of 4 consecutive workshops today after a very pleasant day in Leeds on Thursday – about 50 people in the room and already I have received 3 emails, written last night, from clients to thank me for the day. That’s the stuff of job satisfaction. We’ve been doing lots of work with clients on their professional tolerations – what are the relationship problems, situations and things (not working properly) that they tolerate. The lists have made interesting reading and, of course, are all similar. People not fulfilling their promises, elephants in the room that haven’t been acknowledged and acted on – even the simple stuff like faulty dental chairs that haven’t been fixed for a year. I added a new PowerPoint slide to my workshop which reads:

“Whatever is on your tolerations list – that’s what your customers see and sense first!”

That has made a few people think – one client at the Newcastle workshop wrote overnight:

Thanks for presentation on Wednesday I have been no fun since then. Unable to “tolerate “ anything I have asked 4 people if I can speak to them openly and frankly feel better for it.

This weekend I’ll be spending 2 days in my Mum’s home,sorting through the biggest pile of paperwork and paraphenalia I have ever seen in my life. It will be a strange experience no doubt.

For those regular readers, “Baby”, the three-legged cat, has found a new home at a very respectable shelter for displaced moggies and we are promised that they will find a caring family.

So my Mum’s house is finally empty and, sadly, we need to get in there and remove valuables before the word gets out – it’s that kind of area.

I’m not looking forward to the weekend at all – many fond memories of both of my parents will be rekindled no doubt – but I’m just dog tired.

Oh – stop moaning Mr Barrow and go to work!

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