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OK, that’s all done, so now it’s time to just pop next door for a quick clean with our lovely hygienist Mary

The word “just” creeps into our vocabulary for the wrong reasons.

We think that by adding “just” to a sentence we make things seem simpler, easier and, therefore, more likely to be accepted without question.

If you can just take a few minutes to read through this treatment plan, we can answer any questions and get your go ahead

In fact, what is happening in the mind of the patient is that you are diluting the value of what you are doing for them.

If it’s only a quick clean, why are you charging me £55.00?

If this treatment is going to cost me £4,000, why do you think I’m only going to spend a few minutes thinking about it?

If you could just make a start on this exercise programme, you would see the benefits in the next three months If you just follow my simple 10-step marketing programme, like many others, your business will explode

“Just” sounds like you are trying to make something difficult sound easy – why?

“Just” implies that my resistance is sign of non-conformity – I’m not normal if I don’t agree – why?

“Just” cheapens your offer.

“Just” makes me smell a rat – you are just saying that to get me to agree.

Get rid of “just”.

Stop trying to make it easy – you sound like everyone else.

2 for 1

30% off

Black Friday

0% finance

Preceptive people, the ones you want as patients, are immune to all of this rubbish – they know it’s just hype.

Make things important for the right people and offer to help them every step of the way.

It’s a very important foundation of our long term care for you that you attend regular appointments with our hygienist, who will bring her special skills to bear in making sure that your teeth and gums are healthy for life This is a very important decision, so we want you to take adequate time to carefully read through our treatment plan and make a note of any questions or concerns you may have. At our next meeting we can answer those questions and help you to reach the right decision You can lose many things and carry on but if you lose your health, your life will change forever. It is always tough to start a new exercise regime and we will be there to help you during those first difficult steps It’s never easy to allocate adequate time, resources and money into an effective marketing plan. What we can do is guide you through that difficult process and use our experience of working with many other clients to plot the most efficient course to your success
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