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Google are now rolling out their challenge in the instant messaging market (not yet in the UK) and, according to the USA reviews, it’s looking very good and performing well (let’s just remind ourselves that there are many more Android phones that iPhones).


Old ways that we used to communicate:

  1. telephone calls

  2. letters delivered by the post office

  3. face to face?

New ways that we communicate:

  1. Email

  2. Text

  3. Twitter

  4. Facetime Audio/Video

  5. Skype

  6. Messenger (which is where Google are competing with Allo)

  7. WhatsApp

  8. Instagram


“How do you communicate with your patients?”

Things are rapidly changing across all patient demographics.

Practice management software developers have to keep up.

Letters and calls for marketing and recall systems are becoming less effective every year and make your practice look old-fashioned.

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