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7 ways to use video in your practice marketing

What you will hear is that “Google loves video” (as far as the position of your web site on the open search listings).

Undoubtedly true.

But there are more reasons why you should have video as part of your marketing mix – all of which are centered on the smile fact that people love watching SHORT video clips (defined as less than 4 minutes).

Some of that video will benefit from an amateur approach – the 2-minute patient testimonial shot with a handy cam in the TCO consult room really can bring a patient story to life.

But the “movie trailers” that you show on your web site requires a more professional approach.

If people are going to invest thousands in their dental health and appearance, they are going to expect you to invest seriously in your virtual shop window.

Which is where Jem Patel and the team at JSP Media Group step in.

We have used Jem’s services for some years now (even last week a full video shoot during our T20 meeting in London) and we have also recommended him to many happy clients.

I thought you might like a mind map that spells out clearly what you should use video for, when and whether you should DIY or hire in the professionals – enjoy – and give Jem a call.

Create your own mind maps at MindMeister

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