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7 top tips for your FOH team in today's landscape

Last night we welcomed back Ramin Semsar from to update my clients on "Customer Service in Dentistry in September 2022".

As usual for our weekly client webinar, it was unrehearsed and shooting straight from the hip.

I admire Ramin's infectious enthusiasm for what he does and his passion for brilliant customer service, delivered by doing simple things correctly and repeatedly.

In particular, we focused on the Front of House team, and the challenges they face in managing the expectations of patients who may be frustrated at delays, waiting lists and disruption.

Ramin shared with us 7 top tips for FOH in the current climate:

  1. You may well have team members who are temporarily answering the phone due to staff shortages. Don't assume they know how to answer correctly and make sure they have basic training on your brand standard for this - "Good morning, this is ABC Dental Care, thank you for calling, my name is Chris, how may I help you today?"

  2. Do everything possible to answer the phone within three rings;

  3. Ensure that your initial data collection (especially from new enquiries) is thorough - and, again, don't make assumptions - was that new call from Gary Davies or Garry Davis? Did you check?

  4. A little dental knowledge can go a long way in triaging a call - do your FOH have that knowledge?

  5. Tonality - bored sounds bored, tired sounds tired, exasperated sounds it - are your FOH team as enthusiastic and passionate as Ramin?

  6. Ask the patient if they would like to book an appointment! Sounds obvious? Evidence suggests that as many as 80% of new patient enquiries DO NOT include that request;

  7. Make sure that your farewell is as polished and professional as your greeting - "Thanks for calling Mr. Barrow, leave this with me and I will get it sorted for you - in the meantime, have a lovely day."

Ramin's courses and in-practice training are brilliant - you should take a look by following the link above.

Simple things done well will make a huge difference.

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