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7 steps to turn social media strangers into clients and ambassadors

  1. Community – you have to create a “tipping point” of at least 1000 followers – no matter what it takes – request that people to follow you with posters, business cards and QR codes – most of all with personal invitations

  2. Conversation – once they do follow you, engage them in a continuous, relevant and interesting news feed. Remember that people are far more interested in people than they are in things. At all times be bold, outrageous and provocative – otherwise you are lost in the noise

  3. Curiosity – one you have gained momentum and trust, create interest in new ideas and experiences. Develop a reputation for innovation

  4. Conversion – “you won’t get to dance unless you ask someone to dance” – ask people to do business with you – to become clients

  5. Care – look after your clients as a priceless commodity – the human capital that gives your business its worth and a bigger future

  6. Collaborate – ask your clients to recommend others to follow you and to become future clients – make this your number ONE marketing activity

  7. Congratulate – constantly look for reasons to praise people – suppliers, team, clients – people are naturally drawn towards a place where they feel appreciated

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