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200 Google reviews in 10 months - and so can you

It began with a friendly challenge at a workshop in January this year:

"So how many Google reviews have you got?" was the question, after I had been waxing lyrical about the importance of collecting them.

My answer was "7" and the looks on the faces of my audience said it all. Point taken.

So, after a quick conversation with Rachel Barrow, we produced our Google Review cards (front above, rear below.

They are small, inexpensive and portable - and they now go wherever I go. So, after a practice visit, a trade show presentation, a GDP Study Club evening or a workshop, everyone gets one with a request "If you have had a positive experience I'd really appreciate a few moments of your time to scan the QR code with your phone and leave me some stars and a few comments.

Ball park, I'd say about 10-15% of the people I ask take the time to complete the review - and that's fine!

The bigger picture here is the number of my clients who have created a similar card, are handing them out to all patients and are reporting similar response rates and increases in review numbers.

Possibly the most effective and least expensive marketing idea I have shared with The 100 this year.

It's not just about organic search though - I read and respond to every review and each one of them makes me smile and reminds me of how much I love my job.

None more so than review #200 which, after three busy days on the road last week, made my day when it arrived - thank you Andrew.

"An excellent and inspiring 2 days with Chris in Leeds. After 22 years in dentistry I have a clear view of what I want to achieve and better still Chris has the know how to guide me there. He’s brought a group of like minded people together where we can share our strengths and more importantly our weaknesses so we can help each other. A breath of fresh air seeing and being part of a group where we actually share our ideas and content to grow our businesses side by side, competitors no more but actually colleagues 😀"

Andrew Dixon - Whickham Dental Practice - Newcastle upon Tyne

We are looking for a few new clients in January, as some of our existing clients will cease coaching at the end of this month due to practice sales and/or taking a break.

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