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20 things I like about Laura Horton

1. She has no fear 2. She is very young to be running her own business 3. She grew her business by 100% between years 1 and 2 4. She grew her business by 50% between years 2 and 3 5. She will grow her business by 100% in 2012 6. She takes lots of holidays 7. She loves shopping 8. She has created a place in UK dentistry – all by herself – called “Treatment Co-ordinator Training” 9. She is profusely grateful in acknowledging the people who helped her to get started 10. She creates her own material and steals none 11. She finds her own clients – a trawler and not a seagull 12. She is full of surprises 13. She has an amazing photography course 14. She has worked with my clients to create an average increase in production of 40% per dentist 15. She is busy designing a brand new course that will teach dentists how to turn their routine check ups into a goldmine 16. She embraces new technology, using “infusionsoft” to create autoresponders for new business enquiries 17. She’s a Mac-head 18. She really gives a shit about her clients and wants to make a positive difference 19. She doesn’t suffer fools, critics and nob-heads 20. She makes me feel like Obi-Wan Kenobi Thanks Laura – for a truly great day.

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