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10 top tips to share with your team as we approach the return to work - a free resource

Our updated back catalogue for The Extreme Business Academy is now available and attached here:

EBA Membership Content Catalogue_June202
Download • 142KB

In particular, can I draw your attention to my June 2020 tutorial:

"10 top tips to share with your team as we approach the return to work"

I've had some very good feedback on this 40-minute video in which I share to camera my thoughts based on the last 11 weeks (can you believe it?) of dealing with teams in furlough and ideas on how to deal with the anxieties many of them are facing right now.

All of the content in The Academy remains free of charge until the end of June and don't forget that, in addition to monthly tutorials, interviews and webinars going back to April 2019, there are also complete courses that explain everything you need to know about financial management, about marketing and about the patient experience.

If you are one of the 3,000+ who have already registered with The Academy, all you need to do is go there now to view the tutorial mentioned and the other June content.

If you haven't been there yet, simply go to the web site to register (ignore all the mentions of pricing - it's free at the checkout):

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