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10 Golden Handcuffs to keep your clinical team together

  1. Money - we have to accept the bottom line here, that the pay is going to be VERY important and so it must be competitive. But please make sure that you have done the numbers on production, pay, prices and profits to create a win:win;

  2. Team - provide the very best support both in surgery and throughout the business;

  3. Culture - this must always be in the top 3 - culture covers brand, vision, mission, values, goals - the difference that you want to make in the world. The unmissable experience of being a part of your business;

  4. Environment - the physical facilities you offer throughout your building(s);

  5. Technology - innovation and early adoption are the key here - being able to confidently say that you are at the forefront in digital workflow;

  6. Marketing - reassuring your clinical team that your internal, inbound and external marketing systems will ensure full books and a constant supply of new patients;

  7. The Patient Experience - confidence that, from Front of House to End of Treatment Review, you deliver a service that patients will review positively and share with others;

  8. Treatment Coordination - providing the support of talented TCOs to smooth the patient transition to treatment and maximise clinical productivity;

  9. Mentoring - sharing your own experience and expertise with those around you and conducting regular peer review with your clinical team;

  10. Post-graduate training - encouraging (and perhaps even funding) further education.

So when a new clinician is applying for a job with you - or if an existing team member tells you they are considering a move:

  • Ask yourself whether you are supplying these 10 golden reasons to work as part of your team and

  • Ask the existing clinician does the new opportunity they are considering offers these 10 golden ways to support them?

Do you currently deliver on the 10?

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