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It seems that hardly a week goes by without someone emailing me with a request to comment on a proposed new web site.

Most of my feedback will be on the home page of the site where, according to Google, you have mere seconds to capture the interest of a potential new patient, whether they have searched for you or are recommended.

Here are some of the observations I seem to make every time:

  1. A rolling graphic with images of people and premises;

  2. A clear explanation of the top 3 outcomes that you love to deliver;

  3. Contact telephone number and social media badges top right;

  4. Data capture box (we will send you information in return for your email address and permission to keep you posted). Hugely important and most often missing;

  5. On-line booking;

  6. Video tour of the premises (less than 4 minutes);

  7. Video of patient testimonials and team members (less than 4 minutes);

  8. Live chat to the front desk.

In thinking about this post, I visited the web sites of the 21 clients I’m currently working with on a monthly basis to facilitate 100% growth and/or build micro-corporates.

Interesting to note that they all have some of the above but nobody has all of the above – and they are my clients!

Part of the reason for that is that the sites referred to are of different ages – some brand new and others ready for a refurb.

Even so, when you combine differences of opinion, budget and priority, it’s strange to observe that very few people get this absolutely right.

Yet – your web site home page is now the front door through which almost everyone must pass before they experience what you have to offer.

p.s. the 7connections web site is being rebuilt right now.

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