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you can do anything…

A client called me the other day… “Chris we are thinking of opening a second practice and have looked at two locations for a private squat….

  1. market town, nice location, affluent suburban demographic

  2. city centre, nice location, affluent office and retail demographic and city-shoppers

….which of these do you think would be best?” Impossible to answer of course. The choice is theirs. What I can say is that any business success is dependent on 4 factors: ❑ the recruitment of the right people ❑ the investment of the right amount of money ❑ the allocation of the right period of time ❑ the application of the right methodologies Its easy! Actually – no it isn’t – it’s bloody hard work. But it IS simple. Everything you need to know is in Waterstones or on Amazon – you can read, Kindle, iPad, YouTube it all. The challenge is to:

  1. focus

  2. simplify

  3. prioritise

  4. plan

  5. execute

…..and apply zero tolerance to anything that gets in your way. Market town or City Centre. Everything is possible.

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