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Why we write and speak (if we do)


There is seldom a commercial reason for our writing or public speaking.

We thrive on the applause and appreciation of the readers and the audience.

We write and speak for the soul food it provides.

The writing assignment or speaking request comes in and we bemoan the fact:

“OMG I’m so busy and now I have THIS to prepare for.”

A touch of hypocritical self-pity.

We love being busy and under the pressure of deadlines.

I’m jealous – I wish someone would invite me to present at a TEDx.

I’d take the gig.

On the bottle half-empty days….

We wake up unemployed and feeling a little sorry for ourselves.

We want to feel appreciated for the amazing stress that we absorb for the sake of the family/tribe/team/dependents.

We envy the suit in the 911 that purrs past us on the way into the City as we jog back to our modest home, ready to don t-shirt and jeans for another day of solitary creativity and delivery.

On the bottle half-full days…..

We wake up knowing that we have the ultimate job security.

Nobody can sack us.

We are survivors.

We are the person you would want in your lifeboat if the ship was wrecked.

There is no line manager above us, focused on self-preservation.

No crawling or crowded commute.

We celebrate our calling.

We take the gig.

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