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Why tweaking Skype and Twitter is too little, too late and what that means for all of us

Interesting to note that:

  1. Skype has been redesigned from the ground up and a new version will be rolled out over the months ahead, starting with Android users (after all, Skype is owned by Microsoft) and then heading towards IOS and Mac users later on – it’s turning into a messaging and e-commerce app;

  2. Instagram has announced new features that will clearly identify those who are using the platform to sell – it’s turning into a messaging and e-commerce app;

  3. Twitter is reinventing itself this week with a new look and added functionality – it’s turning into a messaging and e-commerce app;

  4. Linkedin is trying very hard to encourage more day to day users by adding more functionality and a user-friendly mobile interface – it’s turning into a messaging and e-commerce app.

I have to admit that I don’t even know what’s going on in the WhatsApp and Snapchat worlds, as I don’t live there. Where is Google+ in all this – who knows?

This all sounds very good for the end user but a closer look reveals that all of these platforms are gradually morphing into copies of each other – with simple objectives in mind:

  1. They all want to become the ONE place where we post photographs and videos that record our day to day experiences – a diary of our lives;

  2. They all want us to add emoji and comments and then invite our “friends” to do the same (the world’s most popular emoji is?

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