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Why 6 dental businesses should join The Extreme Business 100 – right now!

I’m looking for 6 new members of our community – to start working with us from 1st July 2023. First – why am I looking for new clients?

We have 6 vacancies in the community, because of clients who have sold their practices, retired, or have decided to take a break from coaching (it happens). Second – there has never been a better time to take on a business coach and to join a community of 100 like-minded, positive-thinking, independent practice owners.

  • The BBC are doing their best-ever job of marketing independent dentistry for us.

  • NHS Dentistry is a rudder-less sinking ship;

  • The Dental Corporates are consumed with internal cost-cutting and profit rehabilitation.

Independents have a once in a generation opportunity to build self-managing practices with high levels of new patient intake, happy teams, patients who are advocates and healthy profits.

Read the 13 reasons in our June newsletter HERE.

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