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Video spamming in Edinburgh

Hi Chris

Have you see this?? Or seen this elsewhere??

Might be worth letting the tribe know that this is out there cos it looks SO BAD!

Today I searched “Dentist Edinburgh” in YouTube.

All the videos are made by the same “Dentists Edinburgh” person. All low quality. AND use the names off all the dentists in Edinburgh as tags so it looks like various practice have posted the video, or at least given their permission for their names to be used.

It continues on over the next 3-4 pages.

Look for Polwarth Group and Stafford Street Dental Care… those videos are so BAD.

These guys need to know that this is out there!

Everything links back to a video site chap based in the Philippines.

Does this break all the rules? Is this the next thing video spam??

Thought you’d like to see this.


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