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Using the iPhone to generate new business

I know I’m a sucker for a sale – and I love my techie toys BUT….

I’ve just invested £149.00 in Buzan’s iMindmap and the story was…..

  1. downloaded a free trial of the software for my Macbook Pro some months ago

  2. used the trial until it expired but did not purchase

  3. did purchase a low-price copy of Novamind because I thought at the time the features were better

  4. have used Novamind for about 6 months

  5. via Mashable and an email from a client, sees the new Buzan iPhone app – free of charge

  6. download it yesterday (launch day – early adopter) and plays with it on the train last night

  7. love it – very easy to create good quality maps on the iPhone – minutes of meetings, ideas, projects, presentation outlines, article outlines, brand standards – my mind starts buzzing

  8. email to myself the first iPhone Mindmap I create – iPhone to Mac

  9. to open in Buzan this morning BUT

  10. my trial has expired SO….

  11. I go to their web site and take a look at the different versions on offer and

  12. decide to invest in their Ultimate version because the features look cool and

  13. and I’m loving that my iPhone and Macbook pro can now sync on the maps

So – they made me a KEDO (free iPhone app) and that was the step I needed to take to become a full client for an added value product.

And then they sent me an email to give me a free pack of Mindmap templates as a thank you for my business.

And here I am writing to you – enrolled as a member of their unpaid salesforce.

I know what they are doing – and its lovely to see.

What’s the version of this in your own business?

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