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I’ve met a lot of unsung heroes in my time.

People who deserved the recognition of an Olympic champion – but whose sacrifices and suffering remain unappreciated.

Today I’m thinking about business Olympians.

There is hardly a day goes by that I don’t read an email from a business owner at the end of his or her tether, unable to “give” any more and asking me how on earth they are going to solve the latest problem.

If any aspiring Principal were to read my in-box for a month, they would probably run a mile.

“Surely it can’t be that tough?”

Well it is – and if you intend to be in the business of business ownership – you had better grow a set – fast.

That explains why we business owners “partaaay” hard – so please don’t castigate us for letting our hair down now and then – or for resting well (when we can) or losing our cool (hopefully infrequently).

On the good days – the independence, the freedom of expression, the sense of achievement and the gratification at making a difference to others – they are all an inspirational buzz that make us feel immortal.

On the bad days – we feel as if we have to do everything ourselves, check everything, create everything, measure everything, sell everything, please everyone, spot the typos and make all the decisions. We feel used, abused and unappreciated.

Neither are completely true of course.

Or perhaps both are true in the moment?

As Bear Grylls says, “its going to be very, very hard but just keep remembering that the suffering will come to an end.”

Keep your chin up my friends. You are champions.

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