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I seem to have spent a huge amount of time in the last 2 days talking about Lifecycle Marketing with the 7connections team, with strategic alliance partners and with clients.

That will continue today in Aviemore as the brief is to evolve their new patient lead generation and conversion results.

Yesterday afternoon Tim Caudrelier and Jon Barrow presented to me the work they have done so far on designing the 7connections software architecture for our bespoke and turnkey client solutions.

I was simultaneously blown away by the ability of the product to automate the Lifecycle process for our clients (as above) and also a very proud Dad, watching Jon navigate his way around Infusionsoft and explain to me things that I would love to be able to do (the technician) but know that I’ll never have the time (the entrepreneur).

At the moment, business coaching by Tim and myself is about 75% of our activity and will continue to be our passion.

However, as MagicBox and the 7connections Lifecycle Marketing products gather momentum, this will catapult us into a new phase of evolution and it will become a major attraction of working with us.

After many years as a solo-prenuer (and after numerous failed attempts) I’m beginning to see a scaleable business that doesn’t DEPEND on Chris Barrow but benefits hugely from his connections.

I predict that, in 3 years from now, we will be a very different company, providing a world-beating solution to our clients (marketing and sales automation – done for you) but that our core values and relationships will remain the same.

We live in exciting times.

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