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Top Reads for Top Managers

I’m reminded in recent weeks that our main mission at 7connections is not to coach the best Principals in dentistry – but to help recruit, train, consult, coach and mentor THE BEST MANAGERS.

Because with the best managers, you will grow the best business.

On Monday I was interviewing prospective managers for a client.

In each of my monthly management meetings with clients I am frequently liaising with the managers on the production of the key data (financial, marketing and sales) that allow us to make effective course corrections.

Yesterday, Karl taylor-Knight hosted his first 7connections webinar, with over 40 managers attending to learn how to calculate associate profitability.

Busy Principals get nowhere by becoming the best managers in their own businesses – you may as well train your managers to place implants.

So today’s reading recommendation (and the first of a new weekly series) is the start point for all who aspire to understand just exactly how small businesses work (and why, sometimes, they don’t).

Michael Gerber’s “The E-Myth Revisited” is where we all start and it should be on the syllabus at our schools.

The simplest and yet most relevant and useful book ever written on business.

I suggest compulsory reading for all practice, business and clinic managers.

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