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This is Marketing

I did write a Goodreads review of Seth Godin’s latest book “This is Marketing” but feel motivated to make further mention of this excellent publication.

“This is Marketing” is a compilation of many of things we have read in his blog and heard in the “Akimbo” podcast but serves as a timely reminder of his wisdom on the subject of growing our businesses.

For me the biggest takeaways were:

  1. the differences between direct marketing, brand marketing and relationship marketing – it really is crucial that you “get this” and understand the pain and pleasures of each and how they fit into your business plan;

  2. the differences between vision, strategy, goals and tasks and how they must be aligned and understood by all of your team;

  3. the importance of building communities that are populated by your smallest viable market – that what you do isn’t for everybody.

An essential read for all small business owners facing the challenges of corporate competition and online attention disorder.

The Amazon UK link is HERE.

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