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Three days of mayhem

There were a few negatives at the Showcase:

  1. regular feedback from visitors as to how difficult the travel had been to and from London and Excel – the BDTA do need to think this through

  2. some concerns about the wave of compliance and regulation heading our way

But overall I want to declare a mood of optimism amongst visitors (that’s dentists) and hope amongst exhibitors – hope that in spite of spending reviews there is a future for UK dentistry and especially the independent sector. My three days on the Adec stand were an absolute pleasure. Karl and the Adec team continue to be amongst my favourite Strategic Alliance partners – embracing all that’s best about quality, team spirit and a “can do” attitude. We packed the aisles for the hourly live demos of Four Handed Dentistry (see previous post) and we made new friends with Martyn and Sally – a relationship that I look forward to developing. Best bits:

  1. saying “hello” to former and current clients

  2. meeting with potential new clients

  3. I notice that I’m regularly contacted nowadays by younger dentists who want to move into ownership either by acquisition or squat – a trend that is gathering momentum. I seem to have attracted a reputation as the “go to guy” for those who are starting practices

  4. agreement with a number of prominent publishers to write columns and articles in 2011

  5. a superb meeting with Nigel and Sian from Practice Plan, discussing joint ventures for 2011

  6. by the way – wait until you see their new magazine “The Business of Dentistry” – awesome

  7. filming a few vlogs with Brendon & Marita for future publication

  8. thrilled to bits that Phillippa was able to come up for the day

  9. equally thrilled that when Team CB met on Thursday we were able to Skype in Kim Black from San Diego

  10. the launch of my new web site on Thursday morning – 80% done (100% by Christmas) but finally out there – thank you Team CB

  11. a really interesting conversation with Bob Khanna about the future of medical aesthetics

  12. having my teeth whitened by a new USA service (wait and see the vlog)

  13. listening to numerous exhibitors who visited to explain their own ideas, business plans and product launches – there is plenty of new stuff out there

  14. attending the Press Launch of the Bridge2Aid Unity Partnership and confirming my own Founder Membership on behalf of The Dental Business Club

  15. some good conversations and quick “hellos” with my fellow professionals in the consultancy world – Mark Oborn, Kevin Rose, Laura Horton, Jane Lelean, Kate Adam, Jem Patel

  16. huge giggles with Cathy Johnson and Krishan Joshi

  17. a lovely breakfast meeting with my friend Ian Wilson, Chairman of Bridge2Aid

  18. and Thursday’s traditional B2A curry night with Annie, Ian, Mark and Shaenna – lots of laughs and tears as we attempted to eat some very spicy food

and by no means least, the (nowadays) rare opportunity to spend three days in dentistry with my lovely lady and watch from afar as she event managed the B2A stand in her unique way.Its been a blast and it will take some time to follow through on all the opportunities created. Sunday, Isle of Dogs and a long drive home.

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