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There and back again

Alarm call at 4.30am yesterday (Tuesday) and I pick up Bonnie from her home at 5.45am. We watch a spectacular dawn over Bodmin as we hurtle along the A30, heading East for Devon and civilisation (?). Arrive Tiverton Parkway at just after 7.15am and catch the 7.52 Glasgow train. Change one stop later and hop on to the Taunton connection to London Paddington – there is Simon Hocken, waiting at our reserved table – and we now have 2-hours for a business development meeting. Catch upon what’s been happening with our new business venture whilst I’ve been away – and begin to design a more detailed product/service mix for 2008 as Great Western carry us even further towards the metropolis. Arrive London Paddington at 10.00am and walk 100 metres into the Paddington Hilton, to settle down for cappucino and croissants and our meeting with Erica Kilburn of EK Communications. Purpose of meeting – to discuss PR and media launch of the new business on 1st February 2008. I’ve worked with Erica before – she is alive, fiesty, wired for action and a pleasure to be around – as well as the mummy of all dental PR consultants – an amazing and valuable addition to the outsourcing team for newco. It’s the first time Bonnie and Simon have met her and I’m delighted that they are delighted. Lunch at The Island Cafe, overlooking Hyde Park and a full-on coaching session from Simon on what my next car should be – as Bonnie waits patiently for us to finish and we oggle at the supercars passing by outside. 2.00pm – back on the train at Paddington and a further 2 hours of planning around the table – this time looking at pricing for our 2008 services. 4.15pm, we say goodbye to Simon (who will continue to Totnes on his journey home) and back in the car for a 2-hour cruise West along the A30 on a beautful sunny Cornwall afternoon. Home to Falmouth at 6.30pm and, after a couple of quick coaching calls (including a Californian call with Jenny de St. George to discuss a gig we have planned for next year) – its dinner in the garden at 8.00pm. That – I believe – was an excellent day and an excellent use of time and transport. 700 miles covered and I feel fresh and energised. Coaching tip – consider holding your management meetings on a train whilst you go somewhere really nice for lunch and back. No distractions – no phone calls – no emails – no interruptions. Loads done.

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