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The next oasis

Although I've pottered about in the office over the last couple of weeks, today is my first "proper" day back at work, with an impressive task list that requires completion by C.O.P. Friday (and my first practice visit of the year to Yorkshire on Thursday).

I don't know about you - but I've felt as if this has been an unusually long break from work (apologies to those who may have been on duty last week).

Equally, after the festivities (which, for us, have included two family birthdays), there's a part of me looking forward to getting back to work, so that I can have a rest from the indulgences of the season (p.s. Dry January for us).

One thing I have enjoyed over the last 10 days is what my late father used to describe as "no get-ups", a term he used to reference the absence of alarm clocks during any family holiday.

When you have had the opportunity to wake naturally (although sometimes with a bit of a thick head) it does seem somewhat of an imposition to have to return to whatever modern-day version of "setting the clock" that you now employ.

Ah well - no doubt we will all soon be back in that zone.

A confession - whilst I love my job, having completed my 2023 goals, one thing I am looking forward to already is the customary 12 weeks of vacation that I've taken since 1996.

I see each of these breaks (one or two weeks at a time) as an oasis to travel towards across the trade routes of work.

In just 5 weeks from now, it will be "no get-ups" again for a week and a trip to explore the culinary delights of Bologna.

I can happily throw myself back into work, knowing that.

When and where is your next oasis?

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