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The formula for success in sales

Every week I am asked “how can I motivate my associates to generate more private sales?”

You cannot, of course, motivate people.

You can only create environments in which motivated people perform.

A motivated associate is one who either wants to become a better dentist (either all the scout badges for clinical dentistry or an area of specialisation) and/or wants more money (for a specific reason – house purchase, marriage, post-graduate fees, property portfolio, school fees, their own practice, a bigger toy).

There are three vital ingredients for success, once the motivation has appeared.


P – Personality.

The successful sales person has a personality that is dominated by a genuine interest in others and the ability to communicate with princes and paupers. They are able to balance self-obsession with else-obsession.

S – System.

That successful sales person is following a systematic approach:

  1. to finding new people to talk to – a marketing system

  2. to listening empathetically to them – a communication system

  3. to making confident recommendations – a presentation system

  4. to managing treatment plans not yet taken up – a pipeline system

  5. to delivering great dentistry – a clinical system

  6. to managing the patient relationship over the long term, up-selling further treatment and asking for referrals – a nurture system

D – Drive.

The successful sales person is unstoppable, relentless, indestructible – driven to keep going, no matter how painful, until they achieve break-through.

When you combine motivation with P+S+D, you have success.

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