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The Female Principal blog series part 5: Soulmates

Soulmates X-Men and X-Women are all fortunate enough to stumble across soul-mates as we travel through life. Recognising a soulmate takes a nano-second. They can be male or female, younger or older, richer or poorer – there are no rules. They are often fellow mutants. The distinguishing feature is the ability to show their core early on in the relationship and to not care about their skins or yours. The communication takes place core to core and you can be honest, fragile, happy or sad, angry, bitter, regretful – whatever you like. The soulmate will listen until you are finished, will never judge and will either give you direct advice or facilitate a conversation in which you can find your own solutions. The soul-mate will expect you to do the same for them. Your spouse/life-partner is not necessarily a soul-mate (and that’s OK). You may or may not end up having a physical relationship with a soul-mate (and that’s OK either way). A soul-mate will drift in and out of your life – they are seldom regular acquaintances – and when they drift back in, you will both pick up exactly where you left off. Treasure your soulmates. You are a very lucky person. *An excerpt from The Female Principal manuscript by Chris Barrow – to be published as an ebook later in 2014

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