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The Extreme Business 2020 Service Menu

We have updated our coaching services menu to reflect the "strimmed down" service offer that will apply from now until the year end.

In simple terms:

  1. Digital - the stuff we do for free - every day - to support everyone in dentistry;

  2. Academy - the e-learning content we create - every month - to build a knowledge bank on the business of dentistry;

  3. Regeneration 2.0 - the coaching community we are helping to bounce back higher.

You can find out more about these services and access other resources at our web site:

It may be a good idea to let every team member have a copy so that they know the full scope of support they can access, whether free or fee-based.

Here is our coaching services menu for the rest of 2020:

Extreme Business Service Menu_2020
Download PDF • 460KB

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