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The Exchange Visit - you don't have to live in a silo

Example 1 - an existing client has invited both of his daughters to help run a large, busy and multi-site mixed practice. One of the daughters is a qualified medical doctor with no previous dental experience.

As part of her "onboarding" into the world of dentistry, I arranged for her to spend the day with an experienced business manager at another client's practice across the country.

The trip was a huge success, with both the Mentor and the Mentee commenting that they enjoyed the meeting. In fact, my business manager Mentor has emailed me to share that he enjoyed it so much he would like to welcome more visitors.

Example 2 - the owners of a family-run mixed practice in Scotland have decided that they want to build a self-managing micro-corporate.

They asked if they could spend the day with a very experienced Managing Director in a completely self-managed practice. My volunteer MD (in a specialist referral practice) is hundreds of miles away in the south of England and was very generous with her time, talents and systems. My Scottish clients made the journey and have been tremendously inspired by their experience.

Too many dentists (and teams) live in silos of their own making. It's almost as if dental schools and Foundation Training teach them to become Lone Rangers.

There is so much knowledge and experienced to be shared.

Within The Extreme Business 100 community, we are encouraging these exchange visits, to enhance the training that I do through our online Academy and live workshops.

You don't have to be alone.

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