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The £10m micro-corporate – final thoughts

It has been a wonderful discipline to create this mini-series; an opportunity to research, observe, listen and reflect on current market conditions and the likely future landscape. Along the way there have been some helpful comments from the dental world. One of the most unusual was the attached newsletter from dental accountant Alan Suggett, whose opinions I value. The very first article is “breaking news” and adds a new dimension to the series: If you have been inspired by this series to consider yourself as a dental entrepreneur, can I suggest that you add a copy of The E-Myth Dentist to your reading list. I was honoured to co-author the book with Michael Gerber and it contains lots of tips on how to become the person you will need to be, as well as thoughts and tips on the key systems and people that you will need around you. You can order the book from Amazon via this link: When you are ready to take the first steps to build your micro-corporate (or, perhaps, inspired to kick-start a plan that may have stagnated) then drop an email to – I would be delighted to meet you on a no-obligation, no charge basis and discuss how I can help. My special thanks go to those clients (and their managers) who have shared their personal experiences, in particular: Trevor and Aaron Ferguson – West End Dental Group, Colwyn Bay. David & Dawn Cunningham – Spring Grove Dental Group, Glasgow & Central Scotland. Mark Skimmings – Dentistry on the Square, Glasgow. Colin Campbell – The Campbell Clinic, Nottingham. Shaun McClure, Raid Ali & Richard Vangasse – Restore Dental Group, South Wales.

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