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The 100% Growth System – Part 3

Today I will be explaining how you can increase the traction at your web site by 100%. Here’s the home page of a web site with plenty of traction: Do you know why? To explain, I’ll be referring back to The Lifecycle Marketing Workflow that you downloaded after reading Part 2 of this series – if you didn’t, here is a second chance to download that now. In Part 3 we begin our journey at the red hexagon that reads “website”. Can I remind you first of all that: 1. Getting visitors to your web site is mission critical in the 100% Growth System; 2. In Part 1 we looked at automated systems to attract people to your web site SEO Digital marketing Direct marketing Active use of social media Word of Mouth 3. In Part 1 we also looked at the team approach to attracting people to your web site Collecting email addresses – VERY IMPORTANT Word of Mouth Sharing Networking Storytelling Collecting video patient stories I’ve written about the importance of the “roving reporter” in your practice team – the investigative journalist who is always quizzing colleagues to find the next “scoop” – a patient story worth sharing because it is so evocative. I’ve also written that “sharing” is the new word of mouth and that photo and video “selfies” can accelerate your reach. Everything you do (even if you take a stand at an exhibition, trade show or county fair) is about attracting and encouraging people to visit your web site. THE MAIN PURPOSE OF YOUR WEBSITE IS TO COLLECT EMAIL ADDRESSES AND PERMISSION TO CONNECT I shared the story recently of a dentist who hired me as his business coach 17 years after first hearing me speak on a restorative course. He had followed my stuff all that time and called me when he was ready, when events triggered a need for my help (in his case, a practice sale). People (your existing and prospective patients) are no different but their triggers are different. A daughter’s wedding. A wedding anniversary. A retirement. The sale of a business. An inheritance. Feedback from a loved one. A relationship separation and new life. Yes, of course, there are folks out there who want you to get them out of pain or restore function – they are highly motivated to remove short-term discomfort. There are also those who are equally motivated by the recent experience or impending arrival of one of the events listed above. But to increase the traction of your web site by 100% you have to appeal to those who are browsing but perhaps not yet highly motivated enough to take action. Those who may enter your door in the next 17 hours are important but many dentists miss those who might enter in 17 days, 17 weeks, 17 months or, for that matter, 17 years. Dentists miss them because they do not have systems to NURTURE their relationship with them before they visit or become patients – and therein hides one of the biggest secrets in The 100% Growth System Some years ago I shared with Krishan Joshi of Dental Focus my “7 P’s” of web site design and construction. 7 questions that a visitor will ask themselves as they look around your website. 1. Profile – are they trying to attract people like me? 2. People – do I like the look of their team? 3. Premises – what does their practice look like inside? 4. Prices – is this the value proposition I’m aiming at? 5. Promises – do they deliver the level of customer service I’m looking for? 6. Proof – what do other people say about them (and are those people like me)? 7. Products – are they experienced in what I’m searching for? All of which remains true, even four years after we recorded some video blogs on the subject. However, if the only objective of your site is to encourage them to CALL NOW, you will only succeed with those who are highly motivated on the day – those who are triggering right now. Whilst that’s a good result, it’s a short term gain and misses the opportunity that exists in the long tail of your enquiries. So how do you begin the relationship that will allow you to nurture those who haven’t triggered yet? WHITE PAPER MARKETING. The process: 1. a visitor to your site visits the page relating to their treatment of interest. 2. as well as reading some brief notes (and, better still, viewing a short video), they are invited to download, free of charge, a short explanatory guide (this is the white paper). Here’s an example of a web page that includes the offer of a white paper on Invisalign: 3. this request for a guide initiates a sequence of 7 emails over the following 33 days Email 1: download the guide (Product) Email 2: learn more about the practice (Profile, People & Premises) Email 3: watch a patient video testimonial (Proof) Email 4: read answers to FAQ’s on their chosen treatment (Product) Email 5: watch a second patient video testimonial (Proof) Email 6: read details of a special time-limited offer (Price) Email 7: watch a third patient video testimonial (Proof) No prizes for spotting that we are reinforcing those 7 P’s from the original website visit. 4. at any time, the recipient can either unsubscribe from the sequence or request a call-back which will stop the sequence – that means there can be no accusation of spamming – the control is with the viewer. Evidence – practices who employ white paper downloads and short-term email nurture sequences can improve their lead conversion by up to 400%. Tactic #4- Create White Paper downloads on your web site for all of the major treatment modalities that you wish to broadcast At 7connections we have created over 20 White Papers for different treatment modalities and we are deploying them across our client’s websites with exciting results. Along the way, we have discovered an important BONUS feature. If you include links to White Papers in your regular email newsletters to existing clients and prospects, you will also reactivate enquiries and up-sell extra treatment. Here’s an extract from a patient newsletter with the white paper embedded: Tactic #5 – Embed White Paper offers into your existing email newsletters Next time, I want to take a look at short and long term nurture sequences and how they can be used to improve your lead generation by over 100%. Summary so far of The 100% Growth System Tactic #1 – hold accountability meetings face to face with your SEO, Digital and Direct Marketing providers EVERY MONTH AND PREFERABLY FACE TO FACE and ask them the golden question. Tactic #2 – lead your team in actively asking for emails, social connections, testimonials, referrals and networking invitations Tactic #3 – The Lifecycle Marketing Workflow Tactic #4- Create White Paper downloads on your web site for all of the major treatment modalities that you wish to broadcast Tactic #5 – Embed White Paper offers into your existing email newsletters

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