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Spring is here

Saturday was the first official day of Spring in the UK.

An interesting piece in The Guardian newspaper this morning reporting the huge increase in the sale of all types of bicycle in the last 12 months, from road to mountain, pedal power to electric, country to city.

The weather over the last 2 days has been lovely. I was out on the road on Saturday and covered a glorious 86 km around the Cheshire countryside, acknowledging dozens of fellow riders as I made my way.

Yesterday was a rest day for me but during a few walking trips into our local village I was inspired by just how many cyclists were out and about. Even more than the day before as the sun came out in earnest.

A legacy of our year of Covid has been an awakening to fitness and health and I am confident that will become a permanent feature of our society going forward.

As the sun shone over Hale yesterday afternoon, I popped in to the local hardware store to buy some firelighters and logs for our chiminea.

It won't be long now before we are eating dinner al fresco.

Fresh air and fun - the prospect is lifting my spirit this morning.

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