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I’d like to thank Sara and Mike Reece for showing me around their lovely practice outside Sutton Coldfield and also for talking me through the Smilescool concept and business model.

Notable notes:

  1. I did actually say “wow” when I walked through the door – lovely premises

  2. and then I immediately set about giving them my feedback – graciously taken

  3. the basic concept of creating small “teams” of children and providing innovative and fun dental health education – is fantastic

  4. the business model and earnings potential are impressive

  5. it will not be suitable for everyone

  6. location

  7. space

  8. ability of team

  9. need for careful nurturing

  10. a love of kids!

But if I were opening a new dental business, or seeking to expand an existing practice – I would be looking very seriously at this proposition.

I think it would be another fantastic “feeder” for a GDP, if located in suitable retail premises/

The “back-stage” work is excellent – bringing out Sara’s expertise in the field of nursery management.

This is one to watch.

You can see more photographs at my Facebook site – if you are not yet my “friend” search for “coachbarrow” on FB.

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