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Huddling your way from good to great

You know how I’ve been rattling on about The Daily Huddle in the last week?

Last weekend, Annie and I stayed at York and Albany, Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant/townhouse hotel in London’s Regents Park area.

After Sunday breakfast and a walk around Camden, we returned to notice The Daily Huddle taking place at the back of the restaurant. There the serving team were discussing the Sunday lunch menu and also running through the bookings to identify any parties with specific requirements.

This morning there will be a huddle in every Apple Store, preparing for the day’s business and the coming onslaught of questions following the launch of new products and applications later today.

This morning there will be a huddle in every Pret a Manger.

And so on…….

Yesterday I facilitated a Front Desk team meeting at The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry (SCED) and we discussed the background to, and the need for, my new Daily Huddle agenda.

The team committed to start using it this morning and I’ll be interested to hear the feedback.

The Daily Huddle separates the good from the great.

How about your business? Huddle – or everyone just drifting in, changing into scrubs and wandering into surgeries after chatting about last night’s TV?

p.s. (and on a separate note)

Arriving at The Village Hotel in South Leeds at 21:35 last night, I was reminded of David Moffett’s recent blog post on customer service during his UK holiday.

Having quickly dumped by bags in my room, I hurried downstairs to join Sheila Scott, Les Jones and Sarah Whittall, who were finishing their meal.

I asked the staff in the restaurant “is there any chance I could get a quick snack – maybe a bowl of soup?”


“No problem, the kitchen closed at nine thirty but let me pop back and ask the chef to get something ready for you.”

Five minutes later, a lovely piping hot bowl of soup with the trimmings, delivered with a smile.

To coin a phrase – it’s not rocket science.

Practice Plan Tour Day #1 – here goes……….

(my monthly newsletter will be published in the next few days, containing a free download of the latest copy of the huddle agenda and some observations about the how and when of using it – if you don’t already subscribe, you can do here and get a free e-book on marketing – see the sign-up at the foot of the page link)

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