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I’ve finally done it. I’ve committed to running a marathon. In fact, it’s THE marathon…London Virgin 2013. As you would have read in my last blog, I’ve been a runner for about eight years and still love every second of running. But a marathon? Moi? Blimey! Actually, I have been wanting to run a marathon for a long time, but something else always seems to get in the way; study, work, home, family…you know how it is. So enough is enough. No more ‘I want to’ and more of ‘I am’. I am hugely excited and really looking forward to the challenge. I have set myself a goal of completing it in under four hours (this has been met by a series of derisive snorts from my running friends. Ye of little faith…you know who you are!) but that’s my goal and I’m sticking to it. The training starts now. Suddenly, I’m running because I have to and not because I necessarily want to. That on its own will be a big challenge for me. Sometimes the thought of a long run in the dark, wet and cold leaves me reaching for the chocolate and red wine. And on that note, my diet will require much attention as I’m one of those busy people that sometimes forgets to eat or I will snack all day and not eat dinner. So I have prepared a nutrition plan that I will be following from today. Good, wholesome, fresh food, minimal preparation (I’m no cook) maximum nutrition. No coffee or wine 🙁 Ah well. But do you know the best bit? The very BEST bit? Being able to raise money for Bridge2Aid. Bridge2Aid is a fantastic charity whose members and volunteers work so hard in the UK and East Africa to create communities free from dental pain. I would be grateful to anyone for sponsoring me – even just £1 will make a difference. In return for your donation I promise to keep you updated as to my progress… Donations can be made on my page here – thank you!!!

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